Triggering Greensock animations in Nuxt

Monday, 17 July 2023

Triggering Greensock animations in Nuxt

I'm not going to go into the details of Greensock / svg animation here, but it might be useful to talk about an issue I encountered when building this blog.

If you've visited the homepage of this blog you may have noticed that there is an animated svg Vue logo spinning around. Getting this animation to work together with Nuxt page transitions was quite challenging. The Greensock animation library needs to be passed the collection of elements to animate before you can call the animate() function to get things moving. The problem is, these elements don't exist while the page is transitioning in. So the animation function won't work when called in setup.

To get around this, in my animation component I have not called the animate function at all, because the child component does not know whether the transition has finished.

Instead I have used the below to expose the animate function to the parent component like this:

defineExpose({ animate })

Then in the parent component (pages/index.vue) i did the following to trigger it

<script setup>
const animation = ref(null)
const nuxtApp = useNuxtApp()

onMounted(() => {

const triggerAnimation = () => {
    if (animation) animation?.value?.animate()
// When navigating back to homepage, from another page,
// the animation needs to be triggered after the page
// transition or it fails as the elements don't exist yet.
nuxtApp.hook('page:transition:finish', () => {

    <div class="mx-auto">
        <HomeAnimation ref="animation"></HomeAnimation>
            <ContentDoc path="/home" />

I'm calling the triggerAanimation() in the mounted() hook, so that it works when the site first loads, but during a page transition this will fail. Then I'm calling it again after any page transitions have occurred, using a hook provided by the Nuxt App composable.

It's a bit hacky, but it works...

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