How to build a static blog part 1

Saturday, 1 July 2023

Using Nuxt3, Tailwind, Nuxt Content, Cloudflare Pages, and a Cloudflare Function

This is a short series of "code along with me" posts going through some of the basic features of Nuxt 3, various packages, and a deployment workflow.

This content is up to date with Nuxt 3.6, and was finished around Jul 2023.

1. The why

Does the world need yet another way to publish a blog? Probably not, no. But, this project does have some cool features, which will excite those of us in the front end world, and it served as a good way for me to get my head around some new concepts. As for why you'd want a blog - I think this explains it rather succinctly. In a slightly meta twist, this project is also a new blog for me, and a series of new posts on my blog.

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