About Phil

First and foremost, I'm a dad and hubby. I work as a front end web developer for a SAAS company, in Devon, UK. I have over a decade of experience developing for the web, and currently my interest and speciality is in the Vue.js and Nuxt ecosystem. I am also involved in building serverless JavaScript applications and maintaining legacy front end code.

I'm a former chef and restaurateur, and have enjoyed a successful career in that industry, before returning to working with computers (I did software engineering at uni).

My list of hobbies and interests is long and varied, but the ones I like most at the moment are restoring classic vehicles, going away in my classic motorhome, making things with electronics, mountain biking and playing the guitar.

I feel it's important to state I'm a bit of a lefty, a trans ally, feminist, anti-fascist and an environmentalist. Or 'woke' as it's known in some circles.

Thanks for reading this.